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Strategic Business Consultancy

Full-Cycle. Client-oriented. Knowledge-based.


Through its diverse, dedicated team of experienced and highly qualified professionals, Accreda Ltd is well-positioned to help its clients develop successful growth strategies, thereby ensuring long-term advancement and sustainable market leadership through increased productivity, operational excellence, and long-lasting, knowledge-based customer relationships.

We set our focus on helping our customers fully comprehend crucial components of modern business practice, such as transparency, good corporate governance, accountability, and management effectiveness. Our broad expertise in the field of Strategic Business Consulting enables our clients to capitalise upon our ability to deliver high business value through our integrated and fully customised solutions.

Our innovative business diagnostics process allows for precise gap identification and in-depth analysis of the core activities, capabilities and competencies necessary to successfully execute a company’s business model. Our full-cycle approach helps facilitate effective Change Management at each of its major stages: Business Analytics and Optimisation; Strategic Business Planning; Implementation; and Post-Implementation Review.

To support the development of long-term marketing plans, we offer comprehensive market research, which includes provision and analysis of Competitive Intelligence, as well as drafting of go-to-market strategies for variety of services and products. The Brand Analysis and Development module of our business diagnostics programme is designed to help businesses conduct effective assessment of the strength of their current brand. Our experienced Brand Managers together with our in-house media development and production team are poised ready to assist with a re-branding process or development of a completely new brand. Additionally, our Marketing and Public Relations specialists are further able to help develop PR and Corporate Social Responsibility programmes that increase an organisation’s public profile and ensure long-term positive brand recognition.